Maintenance and Inspections

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Scheduling a Demo Flight

Velocity leads factory tours and demonstration flights Monday through Friday during normal business hours. We will also arrange demonstration flights at all air shows on our schedule. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.


We will be doing a "Demo Saturday" once a month for those who can't make it to our factory during the week for a demo, Pre-Register by calling (772) 589-1860 or e-mailing.

Velocity Shop Services

With the growing number of flying Velocitys, a shop dedicated to Velocity maintenance and inspections is more important than ever. Several A&P mechanics, and other specialists are among the Service Center staff, offering their Velocity expertise to every plane. For the owner/ builder or the owner who did not build his or her own Velocity, a full range of services are offered. Annual conditional inspections (“annuals”) are performed for fixed gear and retract gear Velocitys as well.

Velocity Shop Rate:

All work performed in the Velocity Service Center or by Velocity Service Center employees will be billed at a shop rate of $85/hr.

Velocity Services:

The Velocity Service Center staff is able to help with the installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrade of virtually anything related to your aircraft. This is of particular value to the second owners and non-builders who are less familiar with the construction of their aircraft. We specialize in engine installations, cooling modifications, annual inspections, pre-purchase conditional inspections, fiberglass repairs, avionics upgrades, airframe upgrades, paint design, bodywork, and painting. Don't hesitate to call us - we can help you out!

With so many Velocity kits having been sold - it's inevitable that some kits will change hands a few times. In many cases, Velocity, Inc. has a limited ability to help owners complete their airframes, or to oversee the finalization of the aircraft systems prior to first flight. This is especially valuable to second and third owners who were not present during the initial phases of construction of their airframes.

For continued technical support of Velocity's after a change of ownership there is a one time transfer fee of $800 for a non-flying aircraft (aircraft that have not completed initial flight) and $400 for a flying aircraft. The service comes with a builder support line and provides technical support for your project along with access to our online builders site where you will find all KPC's and safety bullitens that Velocity issues along with other factory updates and manuals.

Flat Rate Annual Conditional Inspection:

-Fixed Landing Gear Models:  $1600
-Retractable Landing Gear Models:  $1920
-Top Door Models: Add $200

Conditional Inspection Includes the Following Services:

-Removal and reinstallation of inspection panels
-AD Search/Logbook Review for previous 12-months
-Inspection of airframe; electrical; engine; propeller; and hydraulic system
-Oil change service with filter inspection (oil and filter extra); degrease engine
-Clean and grease wheel bearings; service brake fluid reservoir
-Service fuel screens
-Compression check; clean spark plugs
-ELT Test
-Squawk list of deficiencies with repair estimate
            -Shop rate: $85/Hr
-Consultation with aircraft owner to discuss squawk list
-Appropriate Logbook entries
-For RG Models, cycle gear check


-Allow a minimum of 2 ½ days to complete the Conditional Inspection / 3 days for RG’s
-Conditional Inspection does not include parts or labor to address repairs of squawk list
-Conditional Inspection does not include inspection of avionics or flight instruments
-Velocity Service Center may choose not to repair
-Owner-Assisted Conditional Inspections are encouraged; however the flat inspection fee remains the same