Flight Training

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Velocity leads factory tours and demonstration flights Monday through Friday during normal business hours. We will also arrange demonstration flights at all air shows on our schedule. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

If you are unable to make it to the factory during the week, Call: (772) 589-1860 or e-mailing.

To prepare builders and new owners to fly in a high performance airplane like the Velocity, the Velocity Service Center offers transitional flight training. Since many builders have experience in single engine certified airplanes, and many have spent little time flying while building their Velocity, this training is critical.

Velocity Transition Flight Training Program

The Velocity Transition Flight Training Program is an intensive two-day ground school and flight curriculum that is approved by all the aircraft insurance companies. Under this program, the student will utilize our “Ground-Training” manual for a thorough understanding of his/her aircraft, aircraft systems, weight and balance, regulations, and maintenance. A pre-flight and post-flight briefing will also be used to enhance pilot awareness of the unique aspects of the Velocity aircraft. Flight time will include emergency procedures, crosswind landings, and more.

Pre-requisites Prior to showing up for transition training include:

(bring logbook for verification)

  1. Velocity owners or designated pilots only
  2. Realistic estimate of flight ready owner built aircraft within 45 days
  3. Minimum of a Private Pilots license with current medical and current bi-annual
  4. 10 hours minimum flight experience within past 30 days. If transitioning to the V-Twin 3 hours must have been in a multi engine aircraft.
  5. High performance endorsement if transition training is for all XL series and Standard Velocity Retract Gear. High performance endorsement not necessary for Standard Fixed Gear or SUV
  6. No flight training in customer aircraft under this program
  • Course Cost: $1,425 /$1,875 Multi (Includes 5 hours dual instruction and ground instruction)

  • Additional Training or Re-Currency after primary course is completed:
  • Dual Instruction: $235 per hour / $325 Multi
  • Ground Instruction: $80/Hr
  • Overtime Fee for any weekend training.

  • Flight training candidates are to be informed that:
        1. Velocity, Inc is not responsible for any costs associated with cancellation, postponement, or interruptions to flight training because of unforeseen mechanical problems with the flight training aircraft and/or bad weather. Velocity, Inc makes every effort to provide a well maintained and safe aircraft in which to conduct flight training – however sometimes unexpected mechanical problems do occur.
        2. Candidates who travel by commercial air service are encouraged to purchase refundable tickets
        3. Instructor / Velocity reserves the right to terminate training course at any point.
        4. Students are required to maintain PTS standards during the course respective to their rating.