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Scheduling a Demo Flight

Velocity leads factory tours and demonstration flights Monday through Friday during normal business hours. We will also arrange demonstration flights at all air shows on our schedule. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.


We will be doing a "Demo Saturday" once a month for those who can't make it to our factory during the week for a demo, Pre-Register by calling (772) 589-1860 or e-mailing

When you buy a kit from Velocity Inc, you become part of the Velocity family. Velocity Inc. is owned and operated by the Swing family. You receive personalized attention, with an honest sincerity not found in many businesses today from the start of your relationship with everyone at Velocity. Velocity is a small company, employing about 20 full-time employees, ranging from mold makers to machinists...creating the refined Velocity kit of today.

Velocity values its customers as its greatest asset. Builder support is top-notch and great care is taken to insure that the kits are as high quality and complete as possible. Enhancements are constantly in the works, improving the designs and making the building experience even better.

Some History

Velocity Aircraft Inc., was formed in 1984 by Danny Maher in Sebastian, Florida, to develop and market a new 4-seat canard aircraft, based upon the successful Long-EZ design. After the prototype flew in July 1985, several kits were sold and close contact was maintained with initial builders to get valuable feedback in areas where the design could be (and subsequently was) improved. The Velocity received rave reviews by all of the flying press, and the 173 "LW" (long wing) model went on to further enhance the Velocity design.

One of Danny Maher's first kits was purchased by Duane Swing and his son Scott Swing, of Dayton, Ohio. After building their first Velocity, the Swings decided to make a retractable gear option available for the kit. In doing so, the Swings had developed a close relationship with Dan Maher. Thus, when Dan decided to sell the business, he first called the Swings. The Swings liked the proven and stable Velocity design so much that they bought the company assets from Dan in 1992 and moved their families to Sebastian.

The Swings immediately established a marketing program to promote the original standard Velocity, while taking the business much further. New avenues were explored to enhance the existing Velocity designs, ranging from the addition of pre-molded kit parts to the exciting gull-wing door, introduced in 1995. In 1997, Velocity once again innovated by creating the big "XL" model, based upon over a decade of proven aircraft performance, reliablity, and safety. Always keeping on the leading edge, Velocity introduced the Velocity XL-5 (nicknamed the “Dash 5”) is an option to the Velocity XL kit. In addition to all the “extras” of the Velocity XL model, the Dash 5 includes an extra seat (it can accommodate 3 children on the rear bench seat), extra baggage space, extra packing versatility, extra passenger comfort, extra useful load, extra engine power, extra braking power, and extra rudder control