Velocity Kit

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The Velocity kit is constructed with the finest quality materials available. The resins and fabrics are supplied by the leaders in the aerospace industry. Most all hardware, metals, parts and fabrications are certified aircraft quality. Because materials invested in the construction of your kit are so important, you simply get the BEST.
Instructions and assistance consist of:

  1. A step-by-step Builder's Construction Manual, customized to one of the five various Velocity models
  2. an Owner's Flight Manual
  3. a set of DVD's which follow the construction of a standard Velocity from start through flight testing (over 20 hours total)
  4. "Velocity Online" Velocity's quarterly newsletter
  5. Velocity's "Builders Page" .
  6. Take a look and see the services we offer online. We have an online manual, construction photo gallery , links to other Velocity builders websites and much more.
  7. Factory Support through email or the phone.
Over and over, Velocity builders demonstrate their ability to adapt to Velocity's composite building techniques. When composing the building manual, Velocity assumed that the builder had no experience in aerodynamics or airframe construction, and does not try to teach this. The instructions simply show and tell you how to build your Velocity, explaining what you are building, how to maintain it, and what function it has in making your aircraft fly in simple, everyday language. By the time your Velocity is complete, you will have a good understanding of composites and how to work with them, as well as a helpful bit of knowledge in simple basic electrical, fuel, and mechanical systems. Velocity Online newsletter is a builder's support network, which includes factory news items, kit plans changes, answers to technical questions from builders, product information, builder forum with tips and input, first flights, fly-ins and social events. The Velocity factory staff is available Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST for builder assistance. Answers to your questions are as close as your telephone.

Components Supplied in the Basic Velocity Kit

Foam Cores:

All foam cores are pre-cut, with level lines in place for proper alignment.
  • WING CORES: (SE) 2 leading edge, 3 trailing edge; (XL) 3 leading edge, 4 trailing edge
  • CANARD CORES: (SE); (XL) 2 leading edge, 2 trailing edge

Spar Sections:

All spars are match-drilled, and have the bolt hole bushings already installed.
  • MAIN WING SPAR: 2 pre-molded
  • CARRY-THROUGH (center section) SPAR: 1 pre-molded
  • CANARD SPAR: 1 pre-molded

Fuel Strakes:

  • 2 upper/2 lower foam-cored vacuum bagged.
  • Skins finished in white primer


  • UPPER HALF: Foam core vacuum bagged composite shell. White epoxy primed and pre-marked for all cutouts. Upper cowl attached.
  • LOWER HALF: Foam core vacuum bagged composite shell. White epoxy primed and pre-marked for all cut-outs. Lower cowl attached.


AN hardware: nuts, bolts, screws, washers, hinges, pulleys, and cables to complete airframe
  • All pre-machined parts for complete control, brake, trim, and door systems (no welding or machining necessary)
  • Hinges for canard-elevator assembly. All Mil-spec hinges for ailerons, rudders and door
  • Electrical actuators and related parts for trim
  • Master cylinders, brake lines, and heavy duty brakes
  • (SE) 2 - 15 x 6.00-6 low profile main tires/tubes 1 - 340 x 5.00 nose wheel tire/tube; (XL) 2 - 6.00 x 6, 6 ply tires and tubes, 1 - 5.00 x 5, 6 ply tire and tube
  • Seat hinges and front seat rails
  • Rear seat rails (XL)
  • 2 - 15 x 6.00-6 low profile main tires/tubes
  • (RG)
  • 1 - 340 x 5.00 nose wheel tire/tube (RG)
  • Fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, foam. Supply of application brushes, fillers, and mixing sticks
  • 2 extruded aluminum I-beam straightedges (wing/canard construction)

Landing Gear:

  • FIXED MAINS: 1 piece pre-molded S-fiberglass
  • RETRACT MAINS: 2 piece premolded S-fiberglass
  • NOSE GEAR: 1-1/4 4130 steel tube. Assembled with all hardware for installation into airframe

Molded Parts:

All Fiberglass pre-molded:
  • (Fixed) wheel pants: 2 Mains / 1 Nose
  • (Retract) nose gear doors, main gear doors
  • 2-Air inlet scoops
  • 2-Main gear saddle
  • 4-Composite seat backs and headrests
  • 4-Composite seat bottoms
  • 1-Center keel
  • 2-Wiring ducts
  • 2-Canard tips
  • 1-Fuel sump tank / fuel sump tank cover
  • 1-Canard bulkhead
  • 1-Firewall
  • 1-Gear bulkhead
  • 1-Instrument panel
  • 1-Glare shield
  • 2-Lower winglet extensions
  • 4-Wing root ribs
  • 2-NACA engine cooling inlet scoops
  • 1-Landing light housing and lens


  • Pre-formed. One piece 1/4 plexiglass
  • windshield, 2 front door/2 rear 1/8 plexiglass windows. All glass is medium tint.